Horse Riding In WinterWinter can be a challenging time for both horse and rider. Extreme conditions mean that surfaces can become slippery from ice and lower temperatures mean extra effort to maintain the overall health of the horse. Horses benefit from the exercise, however, so it’s a great idea to have a winter riding wardrobe capable of carrying you through the riding conditions. Ensuring you have a good quality pair of winter horse riding boots is one of the most fundamental ways that you can stay safe and warm in the colder weather. Unlike other boots, winter horse riding boots are constructed with additional features to enhance you comfort by keeping your feet warm and dry. So, what are the benefits of wearing these boots? What features should you look for when buying them? Find the answers to these questions in this comprehensive buying guide.


There’s no doubt that a quality pair of riding boots will provide the perfect finishing touch to your riding outfit. However, these boots provide so much more than just aesthetic appeal. Here are 3 reasons why you should seriously consider investing in them:

Provide Security And Protection From Injury

Accidents and injuries can happen any time while you’re horse riding. Every rider should therefore take appropriate measures to stay safe and in control at all times. Having wheel-fitting winter horse riding boots will not only prevent chafing on the lower part of your legs and feet, but also keep your ankle in a more stable position while you’re on the horse. In addition, the secure heels of these boots provide a solid stop for your feet, ensuring that they remain in the same position inside the stirrup. This is very important because if your foot moves around in the stirrup, or even slips through it, it might upset your horse or cause injury.

Provide Protection Against Weather Elements

The nature of horse riding exposes riders to a wide variety of weather elements like wind, rain and snow. Riding during the winter months increases your exposure to these harsh weather conditions. Luckily, having the proper winter boots will help keep your legs and feet warm and dry. The more comfortable you’re, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy your ride.

Act As A Barrier Against Undesirable Ground Conditions

On the trail or in the stable, ground conditions can at times be less than desirable. From horse feces to mud puddles, there are just so many things you wouldn’t want to step on. While wearing this type of riding boots may not be proper if the above conditions are extreme, they’ll provide you with an effective barrier if you happen to step on undesirable grounds.

What Features Do I Look For?


Due to the extreme weather elements you’re exposed to during the winter months, it’s very important that your riding boots are insulated to keep your feet warm and dry. Most of these boots have more than 1 layer, usually an inner insulating layer and an outer layer. For optimal riding experience, choose a pair of boots that have any of these forms of insulation – microfiber, wool and other synthetic and natural materials.

Weather Proofing

Other than insulation, weatherproofing is another key feature you should look for when buying winter boots. The boots should be made from strong, weatherproof material to protect your feet from moisture.

Overall, having a pair of winter horse riding boots will certainly make your riding experience more enjoyable and fulfilling. When shopping, be sure to choose boots that are made of high quality weatherproof material, insulated and durable. This will go along way in increasing your safety and comfort as you ride.